Yerevan, Armenia – As clashes continue in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Armenian side is looking for a way out.

A statement from Anna Hakobyan, wife of Nikol Pashinyan, came from Armenia, which forcibly drove people from the front line to the front. Hakobyan, who made up the women’s troops, shared photos of the team.

Anna Hakobyan, who began training with 13 women in October, announced that they were ready to go to the front line.

Hakobyan said that the team created by women was named after the Armenian Queen Erato.

The Armenian administration ties hope to Hakobyan and 13 women.

The occupation forces suffered a major blow in the fighting that began on 27 September.

Armenia, which has lost a large number of its military equipment, is claimed to have been given implicit assistance by Russia and Iran.