Istanbul, Turkey – After Greece illegally armed critical islands in the sea of islands, it gave the US five military (land, sea and air) bases against Turkey. The spoiled project child of the USA and the EU, Greece, by turning the Ukraine war in the region into an opportunity, has increased its armament level well above its capacity with the military aid it is constantly receiving from the USA and the EU in order to attack Turkey.

Mustafa Sarıgül, Chairman of the Turkey Change Party (TDP), came to Diyarbakır after his visit to Şanlıurfa. Meeting with the party members at his party’s provincial building, Sarıgül stated that the speech of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the USA was unacceptable and said:

  • “NATO must put Greece, the spoiled child of Europe, in its place. The speeches were not true speeches, they were not in favor of peace. On the contrary, it was a speech that cast a shadow on peace.
  • The Greek Prime Minister should know that; You cannot bring peace by approaching America. We are your neighbor. We opened our arms to thousands of people as much as the population of Greece.
  • Greece should seek power and energy not in America, but in its neighbor Turkey. A post from a bear can’t really be a friend from America either.”


Stating that NATO should treat every country equally, Mustafa Sarıgül said, “America should not intervene in NATO. It is a member of NATO, it is true, but NATO should treat every country equally. Turkey should also reconsider its NATO membership. Unfortunately, NATO does not give the same support to Turkey as it does to Greece. NATO does not show Turkey the weapons it gives to Greece, its armament there, in the same scales,” he said.