Ankara, Turkey – After the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, in 1974-75, Turkey found itself in a very difficult position. The so-called NATO ally – US Congress imposed an arms embargo on Turkey in reaction to Turkey’s “1974 Cyprus Peace Operation”.

But Turkey did not stay idle in this crucial sector “Indigenous Military Technology” for too long. It made the decision to establish its own sector from scratch. The country invested money in developing a defense industry, it worked with global leading technology firms to gain the necessary know-how, and set strategic ambitious goals.

The shock of the American embargo mobilized Turkey’s indigenous military sector to develop an ambitious advanced indigenous military technology program. Turkey decided that it would never again be held ransom to the US or any other foreign power for defense and security.

What one sees and reads today goes back to that time 46 ago. It takes time, systematic work, discipline and patience to make such an excellent achievement. Today Turkey has shipbuilding capabilities. It has made alarming progress in drone technology, which was made evident in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict as well as in Libya, Iraq, and Syria wars.

Overall, it could be said that Turkey – notwithstanding several exceptions, such as the area of military jets – achieved its goal of strategic independence. Meanwhile, Turkey’s indigenous new generation fighter aircraft “Milli Muharip Ucak (MMU)” will be ready for development tests in 2023. Now, a NATO member Turkey is a new global power in military technology sector. Unlike the imperialist and colonial West, Turkey is on the side of innocent and oppressed nations across the globe.