Baku, Azerbaijan – Hours after Azerbaijan captured Shusha, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan conceded defeat. After that, what is the meaning of Russia-Turkey relations and the 5-kilometer historical line between Azerbaijan and Turkey?

Azerbaijan-Armenia war came to an end. Hours after the Yerevan administration lost its occupied Shusha, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan issued a message and admitted defeat. In the next process, experts evaluated what will happen between Azerbaijan and Armenia and how the balances between Turkey and Russia will progress.

Hikmet Cetin, former CHP leader and Turkish Foreign Minister in 1991-1994, stated that Ilham Aliyev had been in favor of peace since the beginning and that Azerbaijan had to take its armed force and war to a point. Cetin, who stated that Azerbaijan is sitting at the table as very strong:

It was one of the issues I dealt with most when I became minister in 1991, when all republics were experiencing independence, Azerbaijan found itself facing an Armenian attack.

Azerbaijan has reached this point using its military power. After that, he will sit at the peace table for the remaining places, but Azerbaijan will sit there very strongly, it will sit victorious. Aliyev will sit as a winner just as we sit at the table as a winner in Lausanne. I don’t think he’ll compromise the land.

Although it is Azerbaijani territory, How will connections with the Karabakh region be on the negotiating table, because there are a lot of Armenians there. How many Azerbaijanis who have lost their territory will go to Karabakh? Of course, they will leave after security is provided. There needs to be security there. In order to live this union, it is necessary to make a very important effort. The South Caucasus needs peace and security.

Azerbaijan needed such morale. Peacekeepers will leave Russia. Turkey will be there in some way with an observer situation. Turkey should be on the table in all these processes. The relationship between Azerbaijan and Turkey is a fraternal relationship. It’s a relationship that won’t be broken in any way.

In Syria, Turkey and Russia are facing each other when necessary. But there are a lot of events here that encourage us to be together. In this process, they will see that Turkey is needed.

Azerbaijan seems to have fully reclaimed the places it liberated in Karabakh and the seven regions outside Karabakh. In 45 days, he saved his land, which had been occupied for 30 years. This also contributes to Azerbaijan’s unity-togetherness process. It is also certain that it will strengthen the current power. I wish we could say that he would contribute to the democratization process.

“Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed to send Russian peacekeepers to Karabakh, ” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a statement on the signed agreement. The Karabakh agreement will help resolve the issue fairly in the interests of the Azerbaijani and Armenian people. Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in Karabakh will remain in the position they hold,” he said.

2000 Russian soldiers who will be deployed to Karabakh without a Turkish military will no longer pose a danger to Azerbaijan. It just gives Russia prestige, that’s all. ‘Russia has entered Azerbaijan again. He doesn’t come out of where he came in,” I don’t think the assessments are correct.

But I wish the Russians hadn’t entered, I wish the Turkish military had been in Karabakh. I think that the approval of the opening of a 5-kilometer-wide corridor from Zangezur to Nakhichevan, which was granted to Armenia in 1920, is a big and historical step.

Both Turkey’s self-confidence and its influence in the international arena have increased. His clear and clear stance on the side of Azerbaijan, perhaps some negotiations with Russia, was an important factor in obtaining this last result. But now Russia will consider Azerbaijan and Turkey in all its accounts.

Especially in October, when a serious success was achieved in the expulsion of the Russian Army from Azerbaijani territory, the fact that Russian troops entered Azerbaijan, even in the appearance of peace, causes some concern.

It is also gratifying that a line from Nakhchivan has established a link with the mother country from here. But it is disturbing that Turkey could not be involved here as an observer, since it is also under the control of Russia. Because as of the status of Nakhchivan, Turkey is already an observer there. This is one of the issues criticised for us in Azerbaijan.

On the one hand, it is in competition with Turkey, but here we see that it understands the need to act together, as in Syria. Russia will want to continue to be the dominant actor here, but even if it wants to, it will try to conduct a balanced relationship in some way because it knows that it cannot completely throw Turkey out of here.

In other words, how Russia will behave here is important for Turkey. If Russia does not really maintain peace here, but rather acts like protecting the Armenians of Karabakh, its relations with Turkey will already be strained.

After the Azerbaijan-Armenia agreement, there was a serious difference of opinion between Turkey and Russia. Although it is not mentioned, the enigma over Karabakh and the deployment of Russian troops in Karabakh are a big problem for Turkey. Because the Russians have returned to Azerbaijan.

As an eternal enemy of the” Turks”, Russia should not be trusted at all. Unfortunately, Russia took advantage of a historic opportunity by exploiting the Nagorno-Karabakh War (Armistice Agreement) to once again dominate Azerbaijan, which gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

What is the importance of the Zengezur line for the Turkish Union?

The Zengezur line is a line that was put forward to divide the Turkic world. At the moment, at least if control is achieved, Iran’s control there will be relatively reduced, and products that will pass both within the country and through Turkey will reach Central Asia, crossing Armenia and reaching directly through Azerbaijan to the heart of Central Asia. It will be meaningful for Turkey if we reduce the fact that Turkey has no trade relations with Armenia. For Turkey, there will be many advantages, both in the political sense and in the diplomatic sense in the commercial sense. It will be an important route both in terms of ensuring Azerbaijan’s national integrity and in terms of meeting the Turkic world with Anatolia.