Ankara, Turkey – National Defense Minister Akar reacted to the exercise of Greece and said, “We are open to dialogue, we will not give our rights.”
“It is an empty dream to think about things like preventing and changing the activities of Turkey, the TAF, through exercises and similar initiatives,” said Hulusi Akar, the Minister of National Defense, regarding the exercises carried out by Greece in the Mediterranean.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar’s warned Greece that it should enter a dialogue with Turkey over the Eastern Mediterranean or face “undesirable consequences”. Akar said that Turkey would be “happy” to host Greek officials if they would be willing to hold talks in the coming days.

“Dialogue over the Eastern Mediterranean should be the first option,” Akar said. “Otherwise, undesirable situations could follow.”

“Turkey’s borders are clear in the Eastern Mediterranean. We told what would happen if you violated them,” he said, adding that Turkey’s power should not be tested.

Regarding the Greek tension, Akar said, “We are in favor of talking. Let’s talk. We are open to dialogue, we want peace and tranquility, but we also want our rights and our law. “If our Greek counterparts decide in the coming days, we would be pleased to host them here.”

“We want our rights, our law, provided that it remains within our own borders. On the other hand we do not give even a drop of water, we do not eat our right, “said Akar, creating tension in the eastern Mediterranean side, not Turkey, Greece, he said.

Akar said, “What we are doing is seismic research in a very peaceful way. What are the military exercises, ships, and planes brought against this? ” he spoke.

Regarding Greece’s exercises in the Mediterranean, Akar said, “Do it, our borders are clear. If you violate them, it is obvious that we will do it. But we have said 50 times that we do not want this, we are in favor of dialogue. Otherwise, unwanted events may occur ”expressed his opinion. Akar, “Do you say we will answer if there is a violation,” Akar said, “There are rules of engagement. There is not much time to think or discuss them. Commander, our ships are authorized in this regard, ” replied Akar, who gave the message “We are ready for a dialogue without preconditions” to Greece, said, “We are in favor of talking. Let’s talk. We are open to dialogue. “We want peace and tranquility, but we also want our rights and our law.”

‘The period bravado has passed”

Akar said about France’s deployment of 3 warplanes in Southern Cyprus, “Are you a guarantor in the 1960 agreements? Do you have such a right, authority? The era of bullying has passed. “You don’t have the chance to force you to do some moves by being bullied,” he said.

Greece calls for EU sanctions on Turkey

Greece on Friday called for European Union sanctions on Turkey amid lingering tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“I am waiting with great interest for Josep Borrell’s announcement on the options for sanctions on Turkey,” Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said of the EU’s foreign policy chief ahead of an informal meeting of the bloc’s foreign ministers in Berlin.

“We consider this an absolute necessity in order to achieve a de-escalation in the Mediterranean,” he said.

However, Germany is reportedly concerned that imposing sanctions on Turkey would undermine efforts to reach an understanding with Ankara.

Many EU governments seem to believe that putting pressure on Turkey will only harden its stance.

“This makes it difficult to impose sanctions,” the source said.