Ankara, Turkey – Flattering announcement came out from TUSAS! TUSAS drops’ everything for Homeland ‘ rating.

Aksungur, Turkey’s high-utility payload drone, flew 49 hours, bringing the total flight time to 230 hours. Announcing the development, TUSAS stated that Aksungur drew the moon star flag in the sky at an altitude of 20 thousand feet and said, “everything is for the motherland!”he dropped his grade.

Aksungur, Turkey’s high useful cargo capacity unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), has increased its total flight time to 230 hours with 49 hours of flight.

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAS) announced the latest developments about Aksungur from its account on the social networking site Twitter.

Aksungur, which made its 59th test flight, reached 230 hours in total flight time, and Aksungur managed to stay in the air for 49 hours on its last flight, TUSAŞ said in a statement.

TUSAS, 49 hours in the Air, 59’th test flight completed Aksungur’s 20 thousand feet altitude of the moon star flag drawn to the sky, said and “everything is for the homeland!” dropped grade.

Aksungur is known for having high load capacity at medium altitude. Aksungur, a twin-engine, is intended to perform long-term missions up to 40 thousand feet high.

Built on the Anka platform, the unmanned aerial vehicle was thus developed in a short time and at an affordable cost.