Istanbul, Turkey – Pompeo, who went to the Rustem Pasha Mosque after the meeting, left reporters ‘ questions about the reason for his visit to Turkey unanswered.

Pompeo is expected to meet with Archbishop Paul Russell, the Vatican ambassador, on the eve of his visit to the mosque. Pompeo is scheduled to leave Istanbul in the afternoon and head to Georgia.

Pompeo, who met with President Emmanuel Macron and his French counterpart in France before his stop in Istanbul, told French newspaper Le Figaro before his visit to Turkey.

“In our meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, we agreed that the recent steps taken by Turkey were extremely aggressive,” Pompeo said, speaking about Turkey’s policies in the Eastern Mediterranean with Libya and its support for Azerbaijan in Karabakh.

“Europe and the United States should work together to convince President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that such actions are not in the interests of his people,” Pompeo said.

“Turkey’s growing military capabilities are a concern,” the US minister said, referring to Turkey’s military strength.

Meanwhile, members of the Turkish Youth Union (TGB) protested the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Greek Patriarchate of Fener.

The group gathered near the Patriarchate, opening a banner “the US lighthouse does not burn on this land” and chanting “Down with US imperialism”.

TGB Chairman Yildirim Gençer, who made statements to the press, reminded that Pompeo traveled to 7 countries, “but he meets not only with state officials in Turkey, but also with a priest. Is a Greek church affiliated with the governor of Fatih, The interlocutor of the United States in Turkey, a Greek priest who receives his salary from the Turkish state and is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey?”he asked.

Gençer suggested that Pompeo had violated Lausanne and the Constitution with his visit to the Patriarchate.