Ankara, Turkey – Spread all over the world, and 350 million people to the Turkish people appealing, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey as a member country of Hungary which is located in the work of the Cooperation Council of Turkic speaking states as observers (Turkish Council), moved to give direction to the relations between the countries gathered under the umbrella of strategic.

The Turkish Council came to an end in the 2040 Vision Document, which constitutes the first step of political and economic unity. “With this document, the Council countries have taken another step towards unity politically and economically,” said Dr. Kocaman, Deputy Secretary General of the Turkish Council. The document in question with the countries of the Turkish Council collective action on international issues, to align their economic policies, trade facilitation and auction block, trade, investments and integration into dijitallesmed to provide in the areas of transport and energy connections to increase, deepen their cooperation in the field of military and defence industry and aims to facilitate regional mobility.

Dr. Ömer Kocaman, Deputy Secretary General of the Turkish Council, said: “a new era has been entered in which closer cooperation between the members of the council is aimed. With this understanding, foreign policy, trade, investment, industry, finance, transport, energy, tourism, agriculture, media, culture, education, youth policy, health services, digitization of the Turkic world in various fields such as the medium-and long-term goals to follow the path that determines the road map to reach those goals we’re almost done with our work,” he said. Dr. Kocaman informed that this active agenda was also integrated into the vision of the Turkic World 2040 and the strategy of the Turkic Council 2020-2025.

The Turkish Council will continue its ongoing active role, especially in areas such as the Economy, Trade, Customs and transport, Kocaman said. “the basic work needed to establish a Turkish investment fund aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in our member and observer countries is progressing rapidly. In addition, we are taking concrete steps for the well-being of our countries with important initiatives such as activating the Trans-Caspian corridor, expanding the Orhun process of student and academic exchange program, and increasing the tourism potential with the Modern Silk Road project,” he said. Kocaman also stressed that the Turkish Council stands by its statements and statements issued by Azerbaijan in its righteous struggle.

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey as a member country of Hungary as observers in the work of the Cooperation Council of Turkic speaking states, which is located in countries with purchasing power parity of $ 3.8 trillion to gross domestic product (GDP), in excess of 20 billion dollars of foreign direct investment and regional trade volume of 460 billion on the stock. The Turkish Council countries also stand out in world politics with their rich energy resources, growing economies, young-dynamic populations, strategic positions, and growing military and defense industry capacities. The Turkish Council, on the other hand, is taking firm steps towards becoming an international organization that is gradually increasing its weight both in its region and in the global arena.