Ankara, Turkey – The development and production of novel military systems ensure to secure defense goals of national armed forces. The Turkish defense industry is determined to complete its ongoing projects, deliver new systems to armed forces around the world and launch new projects in 2021.

Turkish defense industry will make the first deliveries of the Akinci Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle this year. Last August 2020, the second prototype of the Akinci, Turkey’s first indigenous drone, passed the 20,000-feet (6,096-meters) altitude test.

The Akinci drone can fly for 24 hours, has a 40,000-feet (12,192 meters) service ceiling, 20-meter (65-feet) wingspan and 1,350-kilogram (2,976 pounds) carrying capacity.

The delivery of an upgraded version of the ATAK combat helicopter, the ATAK Faz-2, would begin in 2021. The ATAK Faz-2 has additional electronic warfare systems such as a laser warning receiver, a radio frequency jammer and a radar warning system. Made indigenously in Turkey, ATAK is a next-generation, tandem and two-seat, twin-engine helicopter, specifically designed for attack and reconnaissance.

This year, the first deliveries of the first indigenously developed anti-ship missile Atmaca, torpedo Akya and anti-tank gun Karaok will be made. Turkish defense industry had largely met its 2020 targets by completing new deliveries and starting new projects to meet the needs of armed forces.

Turkish defense industry has been successful against COVID-19 on the one hand and closed and finely processed embargoes on the other hand.Turkish defense industry will continue on its way by further expanding its targets in 2021.