Ankara, Turkey – Greece advocates that there is no problem in the Aegean between Turkey and Greece other than the delimitation of the continental shelf which should be resolved only through recourse to ICJ.

This position of Greece namely “one problem-one solution” does not reflect the reality at all. The existence of the above-mentioned problems in the Aegean has become an undeniable fact already acknowledged by the international community.

Therefore, acknowledging only one problem and neglecting the others as well as advocating only one means for a solution in a selective manner is not a viable option for the peaceful settlement of all these issues. To opt for such a course of action would no doubt leave the other outstanding issues aside unresolved.

With this understanding, Turkey believes that all problems should be addressed as a whole together within the whole range of means for their peaceful solutions that are set forth in in Article 33 of the UN Charter.

Both countries should therefore approach together the whole range of procedural solutions without prejudice.

Within this framework, Turkey is totally committed in good faith to further our bilateral relations and seek solutions to the existing problems.