Athens, Greece – Turkey seeks strategic autonomy and hegemony in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Blue Homeland. The ‘Blue Homeland’ doctrine and Turkey’s self-defense policies and efforts in the Mediterranean and Aegean should be evaluated as a timeless process.

Through this Blue Homeland doctrine, Turkey dominates the Eastern Mediterranean, which is the compulsory transit point of the trade routes connecting Europe to the Indian Ocean, and accordingly the Southeast Asian markets. By controlling the sea routes from the Black Sea and the Suez Canal to the Central Mediterranean, Turkey controls the main eastern transit routes to Europe and becomes the indisputable interregional power.

The importance of the Eastern Mediterranean for the Turkey is diachronic in foreign policy. Accordingly, Turkey’s rights and interests are noted as a result of developments in the energy field in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is expressed in the various forms of interventionist policies implemented by Turkey in the region against Greek Cypriot and Greek provocations and attacks. It is related to the defending of Turkey’s geopolitical strategy and the Eastern Mediterranean’s perception of the Blue Homeland.

At the same time, the ideological construction of the Eastern Mediterranean is important as it may reveal the construction process of security issues or the instrumentalization of real threats, in which geopolitical orientation is visioned and certain policies are implemented. As a result, it realizes the identification of the Eastern Mediterranean with a wider “peace zone” and reinforces the functioning of the concept of “Blue Homeland” as the legitimizing axis of Turkish politics.

The concept of “blue homeland” emerges in connection with the regional developments in Turkey and especially the change in balance in the power bloc (Greece, the garrison state of the USA and EU duo). Finally, the ideological legitimacy of the “blue homeland” concept in Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean strategy is based on right historical arguments.

Through these dynamics, Turkey’s strategic cooperation with the “Turkish Cypriot community and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” in the Blue Homeland, and the geopolitical struggle between the imperialist Greek bloc “Greek Cypriot community and the Greek Republic of Southern Cyprus and Greece” will continue forever.