Washington, USA – Turkey’s Ambassador to Washington, Serdar Kilic, reacted to claims that Turkey has tested the S-400 air defense system on US-made F-16 fighter jets belonging to the Greek Air Force. “Even if these weapons are tested, we are informed in a coordinated way through NATO military channels, of which we are a member,” Kilic said.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Washington Serdar Kilic, who attended the video conference organized by The Washington-based organization World Affairs Councils, evaluated Turkey’s position on the conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The sword in his speech, regarded by the international community as the territory of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh occupying the position in the region, recalling the unresolved Karabakh by Azerbaijan diplomatic initiates operation of extremely legitimate for a long time, he said.

“The Armenian administration is trying to make Azerbaijan look like the attacking side with its rhetoric that Azerbaijan has been preparing for an attack for a long time. That’s not true. Armenia’s attack on the Tovuz region on July 12 gave Azerbaijan the right to respond within its territory.” said.

On the other hand, responding to a question about Turkey’s claims that Azerbaijan sent fighters from Syria to fight in Karabakh, Kilic denied these claims.

Kılıç, contrary to the claims, stressed that there are reliable sources that Armenia is using members of the terrorist organization PKK to fight on Azerbaijani territory, and used the following statements:

“Turkey has not sent any Syrian fighters to Azerbaijan and does not fund them. Azerbaijan did not make such a request. They have enough power and enough soldiers. The Azerbaijani army does not need Syrian fighters to protect itself. On the other hand, there are reliable sources that Armenia has brought PKK terrorists from northern Iraq to fight alongside its troops in Nagorno-Karabakh. This claim is nothing more than an attempt by Armenia to cover up its own actions and attempts to bomb civilians.”

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the issue has been ignored by the international community for 30 years and developed a solution to the efforts of the Minsk Group have failed so far to be established who promote the idea that the sword, “the Minsk Group and calls for a ceasefire between the parties, just as it did in the 90s, but no news until this time. If Armenia heeds the Call of the United Nations (UN) and leaves the occupied territories unconditionally, the conflicts between the two countries will end overnight. Efforts that do not focus on this cannot succeed., “he said.

Ambassador Kilic also made statements about the tension with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey’s fight against the YPG/PKK terrorist organization, stressing that Turkey is always ready to take peaceful and diplomatic steps with neighboring countries, but will not condone any attempts that ignore its national interests and harm its security.

However, Turkey’s plan to test the S-400 air defense system received from Russia and the Greek Air Force’s US-made F-16 warplanes reacted to claims that the sword, he said:

“Such a thing is out of the question. Even if these weapons are tested, we are informed in a coordinated way through the NATO military channels of which we are a member. Self-protection is the legitimate right of countries, and this system is taken for defensive purposes. In a world where weapons of mass destruction are increasing, Turkey had to address security concerns. Each time the negotiations with the United States got stuck in an obstacle and they kept us waiting for 3 years. For this reason, Turkey took the necessary step and made its choice in favor of the S-400.”