Istanbul, Turkey – Retired RAdm Assoc. Dr. Cihat Yayci made an assessment of Turkey’s need for an aircraft carrier. “On the day we have an aircraft carrier, Turkey will rise to the top league among states in the world,” Yayci said

Turkey’s aircraft carrier needs statement on the retired RAdm Assoc. Dr. “Turkey should aim to have the status of a “medium-sized state capable of transferring power,”” Cihat Yayci said. The Navy of such a state, which aims to have the ability to transfer power, also needs an aircraft carrier. As evidence on the ground that we need an aircraft carrier, we can show the support of the Turkish Armed Forces for the GNA in Libya. If Libya had an aircraft carrier belonging to the Turkish Navy, we could have been in a different situation than the current situation. Therefore, we should support aircraft carrier projects by being aware of the need for aircraft carriers,” he said.

Recalling that the Cihat Yayci started its work to train jet pilots in this context and established the Naval Aviation School last year, Yayci said: “I believe that we will have an aircraft carrier soon.”made the comments.

“The day we have an aircraft carrier, Turkey will be in the top league among the states in the world,” said Yayci, who recalled that President Erdoğan also has statements in this direction.” said.

Delays in projects
Turkey has made serious breakthroughs in the defense industry, Yayci said, “Turkey is a state that is establishing the national defense industry. In this context, establishing the national defense industry and taking projects out of this industry and putting them into production, unfortunately, is not immediately. Turkey is actively trying to use the national defense industry quickly in line with its capabilities. But with financial problems, the lengthening of shipbuilding times, the temporary suspension of a number of projects, are possible and usual developments. Despite all this, Turkey sees the needs of its navy, conducts various modernization projects to meet these needs temporarily, and also produces and conducts new shipbuilding projects to update its navy.” he made his assessment.

Emphasizing that the Turkish Navy needs domestic and modern frigates and corvettes, as well as submarines, air defense frigates and aircraft carriers, Yayci used the following statements:

“In this direction, not only military shipyards, but also private sector shipyards must realize these projects quickly. Some of our private sector shipyards make warships abroad. The government and the private sector should create synergies together. In this way, while gaining speed, the degree of cost effectiveness will also increase.

Expressing that the Turkish nation has become aware of its rights and interests in the seas in recent years, Yayci said: “a great and strong consciousness has been formed in our nation in the special seas. The Navy, which has the same consciousness, will have “medium-sized global power transfer capability” by modernizing the Navy through platforms prepared with national opportunities in the short, medium and long term. In the short term, Island-class corvettes, Turkish-type attack boats, amphibious ships, naval outpost aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned / autonomous underwater vehicles; in the medium term, the stack class frigates, air warfare frigates, landing craft stationed on the pool aircraft, the new generation of combat support ships, mine-hunting ships and air independent propulsion system on the basis of the production and inventory of the sub entry in the Turkish navy’s mid-sized global power, I’m hoping that will have the ability to transfer significantly., “he said.

“We must have an aircraft carrier”
Yayci noted that Turkey is a country with the goal of becoming a great state, said:

“One of the requirements of being a great state is to have a large and powerful navy. For this, you also need to have an aircraft carrier. In this direction, in my opinion, the Turkish Navy has established the Naval Aviation School in order to strengthen naval aviation and train its own pilots. I believe that our jet fighter pilots will be trained in TCG Anatolia at the Naval aviation school and on our ships that will enter the inventory in the future.”

The Turkish Armed Forces is one of the few armies in the world and experience to date, indicating that successfully perform every task that falls upon Yayci, “sea, air and land forces, the national defense industry will continue to strengthen and reinforce the contribution of joint operational capabilities. Because the Turkish Armed Forces use their autonomous and non-autonomous elements in perfect harmony, and in this regard, it is one of the rare armies in the world that seamlessly bypasses and implements this adaptation process.” said.