Ankara, Turkey – National technology move to transform Turkey’s indigenous and innovative technology industry gains significant momentum. Turkey’s ‘national technology move’ gains momentum. Turkey’s defense industry is experiencing rapid growth and development. Turkey’s defense industry is becoming self-sufficient.

Nations that nurture an innovation-based culture have enjoyed sustainable wealth and development while transforming the way people live and do business. This shift is possible within a supportive ecosystem that includes both government and private-sector incentives. As the main authority to design R&D and innovation policies in Turkey, the Ministry of Industry and Technology gives utmost importance to develop innovation-based strategies, policies and incentives for the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Thanks to the vivid R&D ecosystem that Turkey has built over the years, now Turkey has a well-diversified industry with a well-educated dynamic workforce. Turkey has more than 150 thousand R&D staff, over 1600 R&D and Design Centres, and 85 Technoparks that directly focus on path-breaking business ideas. Tukey also serve as a regional innovation hub for over 100 global companies like Ericsson, Samsung, GE, Siemens, and Renault.

In order to increase the pace of these improvements, we have launched “National Technology Move” as a ground-breaking initiative. This initiative and “2023 Industry and Technology Strategy” will make Turkey one of the world’s biggest economies and strengthen its global competitiveness by increasing technological independence. Furthermore, Turkey has established a strong IP legal framework that provides a healthy ground for innovation to flourish.

Thanks to all these initiatives and strong industrial infrastructure, Turkey has also proved its success in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. As a strong supporter of global solidarity, Turkey also helped more than seventy countries by delivering them medical supplies and Turkey will continue to help its friends and allies to the best of its ability.

Turkey aims to reflect the outputs of all of these efforts to the Global Innovation Index (GII), which is one of the leading references at a global scale. In line with this, Turkey has set up a GII Task Force to further boost innovation and improve our ranking. Turkey is very pleased to state that Turkey’s collaboration with the WIPO would help to enhance Turkey’s innovation capabilities and create productive outcomes for both sides.

Turkey expects a strong acceleration in foreign direct investments. Turkey expects to see new investments in petrochemicals, transportation technology, integrated mining, defense, and electronics in 2020.These investments will attract foreign investors.

Turkey wants to move to the upper leagues and to be one of the best-developed countries in the world. Turkey will reach its 2023 targets by taking steps in technology, innovation, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, human capital, and infrastructure.

Turkey aims to boost the manufacturing industry’s share of GDP to 21%, and raise the share of medium- and high-tech products to 50% of its exports.

Turkey targets having a half-million software developers and creating 23 global smart products in the disruptive technology area. Turkey seeks opportunities for improving and deepening multilateral relations much more after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The locally produced automobile will be the culmination of a set of policies that aim to take the Turkish economy to the next level. Turkey will continue to work hard to become a leading country in the autonomous and electric vehicle market.