Ankara, Turkey – A number of decisions have been made under the new coronavirus measures.

Curfew restrictions will be applied outside the hours of 10.00 to 20.00, so as not to disrupt supply and production chains on weekends.

Education in schools that are on holidays will be continued online until the end of the year.

Certain hours of curfew for 65 and older will also be extended to under the age of 20, excluding employees.

All sports competitions will continue to be played without spectators. The activities of the carpet fields will be decommissioned.

Cinemas will remain closed until the end of the year, in line with the industry’s demand.

Businesses such as shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, barbers and hairdressers will be limited to 10: 00 to 20: 00.

The smoking ban in cities will continue.

The activities of our Breakers will be decamped for a while.