Bamako, Mali – The helping hand of Turkey to the African continent, which has been exploited for centuries, has disrupted the plans of the Western colonialist Crusaders .At the heart of Turkey’s discomfort with the Crusader States and their puppets in the Middle East was not only the natural gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Exclusive Economic Zone dispute with Greece, but behind the scenes of the dirty alliance, Turkey appeared to have serious moves in Africa. Having 43 ambassadors today on the African continent, where Turkey had only 12 ambassadors in 2002, Turkish Airlines has organized expeditions to more than 50 countries, African countries and defense enterprises have scared the Crusaders.

Behind the comfort of Turkey of the Crusader countries and dictators in the Middle East, it has emerged that the African opening that Turkey is conducting in foreign policy is the environment. The strategic moves made on the African continent over the past 18 years have relieved the Western Crusaders and united against Turkey. Turkey opposed the United States and Britain in Sudan, while foiled France’s plans in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Gabon and Nigeria. In Libya, Turkey’s support for the legitimate government has completely left out of game; Egypt, Israel, France, and the EU countries.

Turkey, which has jumped the age in all areas, also was admired for its support to oppressed nations in foreign policy. It calls for the decline of the Crusader states’ oppression and their domestic collaborators in the developing countries. The Crusader states, which have established a far-fetched alliance against Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and in dispute with Greece, are moving because they are uncomfortable with Turkey’s African opening. Moves to block Turkey’s path are futile in the persistent politics of Turkey. The United States, Israel and Britain have all been heavily involved in the conflict in Sudan. The Ottoman heritage of Sevakin Island was leased to Turkey for 50 years and the permanent military establishment in the region was disturbed by the three states.

The exits of France, which has recently shown a public and relentless hostility towards Turkey, have also been damaged after Turkey’s effective African policy. Turkey’s human and trade relations with Mali and Gabon were crowned by defense industry agreements. France, which has turned both countries into an arms market and has maintained a presence in the region with a policy of instability, has suffered a great loss after Turkey’s non-exploitation relations. Turkey’s problems with France were limited only to these countries. In Libya, too, France’s exploitation plans have been disrupted by Turkey. According to export data, Turkey has sent military munitions products to Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Mali, Niger and Somalia the most in recent years. The exchange Turkey made with these countries was most comforted by the EU countries. Because Western crusader countries were selling weapons to these countries.

In Libya, only France’s plans have been turned upside down. All countries that owe their material prosperity to their imperialist policies experienced a great shock after Turkey’s move. The national reconciliation government in Libya managed to oust the coup-minded Haftar administration after its support from Turkey. Giving Haftar a boost, Italy, Russia, Greece, Britain, Germany and the United States almost tried to defeat him. The North African country has not only lost Western countries to the defeat in Libya. Zionist Israel, Egyptian President Sisi and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the tribal state, were also frustrated.