Ankara, Turkey – Greece Once Again Rejects Turkey´s Call for Dialogue -30 March 1999
Turkey Reacts to the Initiation of the Accession Process Between the EU and the Greek Cypriot Administration (Unofficial Translation) (30 March 1998
Information Note tor The Press Concerning the Turkish Peace Initiative of 11 March 1998 In Order to Resolve the Aegean Disputes Between Turkey and Greece – 12 March 1998
Press Statement Regarding the Turkish Goverment´s proposals to Greece-(12.03.1998
The Statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman on the Reply of Greece to the Recent Turkish Proposals
Information Note Concerning The Proposals Made by Turkey to Greece on 12 February 1998
Call For Peace From Turkey to Greece-12 February 1998
Turkey´s Prime Minister Calls for Peace Process with Greece over the Aegean-24 March 1996
Statement by Prime Minister Mesut Yılmaz on the Aegean Questions-24 March 1996