Berlin, Germany – The European Union (EU) made a statement in the Leaders’ Summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stating that Turkey’s views on the visa liberalization with the EU in December, “We clarified that we want constructive relations with Turkey,” he said.

The capital of Belgium European Union in Brussels (EU) Leaders’ Summit Speaking at a press conference on the second day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced in December would discuss Turkey’s visa liberalization issues with the EU. “Positive issues in relations will be in favor of both parties,” Merkel said.

That recently often met with President Erdogan Referring Merkel said they want constructive relations with Turkey. Merkel, “Turkey with the introduction of a new phase of migration agreements between the EU, the Customs Union agreement, we would like to discuss economic cooperation issues. “It is necessary to work well on visa liberalization until December”.

“We clarified that we want constructive relations with Turkey,” she said, “we want to do with Turkey are required to attain a positive agenda in EU relations.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, said that Turkey is on the table of options for sanctions “We want to establish a positive and constructive relations with Turkey. We believe this is also in Ankara’s interest. This can only happen when the provocations and repressions stop. That’s why we expect Turkey to desist from unilateral action. If these moves are repeated by Ankara, the EU will use all available tools and options ”.

The EU Leaders Summit, where leaders of 27 countries came together in Brussels, ended with a press release today.