Ankara, Turkey – Greece “as EU ‘s spoiled child” wants to provoke EU sanction on Turkey, constantly aims to Turkey with raging aggressive and provocative moves in Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

In the post on the social media account of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the article shared from the account of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs was answered.

In response to Greece from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the following statements were made:

“Greece as the spoiled child of Europe, aims to provoke EU sanctions on Turkey based its maximalist and illegitimate maritime boundary and airspace claims. “

“No sanctions will ever make Turkey compromise its sovereign rights be it in Meis / Kastellorizo or 10 nm airspace. Greece should engage in unconditional dialogue with Turkey, sooner rather than better.”

Calling Greece to sanity and peace

When will Greece, which has been guided by raging aggressive and provocative actions in Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, get its wise share and lesson of what happened to Armenia in Caucasus, Nagorno – Karabakh of Azerbaijan, which behaves in the same way for decades?

However, “peace” is a vital common value of all humanity. And preserving this universal value is a duty for everyone for a peaceful sustainable life in the region and globe.