Ankara, Turkey – In the eastern Mediterranean, continues to experience new developments. This time, Turkey has done it red-handed to Greece in Aegean Sea.

Turkey released a new Navtex yesterday. ” The demilitarized status of Chios as established by the 1923 Lausanne peace treaty has been violated, ” he said.

Navtex was not concerned about the activity of any seismic vessels. According to Lausanne, it was about the Aegean islands, where they should be unarmed. What does this mean?

According to security sources, Greece is arming the Aegean islands despite Lausanne. Chios is one of these islands. Greece announced it will shoot from Chios. This was an admission of violation in Lausanne. A masterful maneuver, Turkey recorded this with Navtex against it and showed it to the world.

Most recently, Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu brought it up. ” The tension is not over unless Greece gives up the Seville map, ” he said. The map, which reduces the Greek continental shelf to the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, imprisons Turkey on its coastline. Turkey and the EU do not recognize the map.

Greece, which announced that it would launch a sea launch from Chios, was red-handed with Navtex against Turkey. Ankara has both recorded and announced to the world that Greece has violated Lausanne with this step. On the tension with Greece, Turkey issued Navtex for the first time regarding the disarmament of the islands designated in the Lausanne Treaty. The New Navtex was aimed at Chios, opposite Cesme.

Turkey has issued a Navtex (announcement to sailors) on the disarmament of islands designated in the Lausanne Treaty for the first time in relation to tensions with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. Navtex was aimed at Chios, opposite Cesme District of Izmir. “La 08/206-with the Navtex message No. 20, the informal military status of Chios as determined by the Lausanne Peace Treaty of 1923 has been violated. This proclamation will be repealed September 16, 2020 (today) at 00.01 am.”

Security sources said that Navtex published by Turkey is not related to the activities of Oruç Reis or any ship, and gave the following information about what it means: “Greece, despite the Lausanne Treaty, arms the islands and sometimes makes Sea shots from here. Chios is one of these islands. Greece says it will shoot from Chios with its latest Navtex, warning navigational sailors. We have also announced that this is contrary to Lausanne and that navigation in the region is blocked in violation of international law with the counter Navtex that we have issued. Greece must immediately stop its attitude and behavior contrary to Lausanne.”

Meanwhile, another issued Navtex and the Yavuz drilling ship, which continues its exploration activities off Cyprus, have been extended to 12 October.