Istanbul, Turkey – Turkey’s proactivity against the imperialist countries, including Greece and the Greek Republic of Southern Cyprus (GRSC) is great challenge in Mavi Vatan; Turkey has the right to threaten whomever it violates Turkey’s Mavi Vatan, that Turkey is invincible and has the right to respond and defend its interests wherever they are. Turkey accused Greece of “challenging” it in Blue Homeland. President Erdogan said:

“Mitsotakis challenged me. How can we sit down with you now? Know your limits first. If you really seek peace, don’t challenge me. Know your limits. If you don’t know your limits, it means you’re the one who kicked the table, who left the table. We did not leave the table. And if you carry on like this we will not be able to sit at the table,” he said, referring to ongoing exploratory talks between the two sides.

What Turkey is saying, essentially, is that Turkey cannot sit at the table as equals with Greece, as Greece illegally militarized Aegean islands against Turkey. If this is the case, then it is clearly Greece violating the exploratory talks table and the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne – and there will be consequences.

On the notion of a grand Turkey that is not limited to its present borders, Turkey feels justified in its criticism of Greek officials for visiting militarized Aegean islands. Referring to Mitsotakis ‘ recent visit to islands in the eastern Aegean, Turkey “warned” that no one will help Greece and sent a message to Greece that it’ll get to know the “crazy Turks well” in Mavi Vatan.

As for the Cyprus issue, Turkey stated that a two-state solution is the only way forward from now on. “Whether you accept it or not, there can no longer be such a thing as a federation… That business is finished now,” Turkey said.

What prompted this reaction by Turkey? Well, during a recent visit to the Greek Republic of Southern Cyprus (GRSC) and in reference to the exploratory talks that began in Istanbul on January 25, 2021 and are expected to continue in Athens, Mitsotakis stated the obvious: that Greece is coming into the exploratory talks “with sincere intent, cautious optimism and zero naivety.”

As for the upcoming five-party Cyprus meeting in New York in March 2021, Mitsotakis noted again the obvious and well-known position, that the only solution being considered is the bizonal, bicommunal federation. These are the terrible” challenges ” the Greek prime minister made, provoking Turkey.

Of course Turkey’s behavior has a reasonable explanation. If Greece does not rein it in and opt for the path of reason and moderation, Greece will soon have to pay the price – this may be political at first, but will effectively take a security toll as well.