Ankara, Turkey – Turkey’s F-16 aircraft electronic warfare Pod (EHPOD) System Development Project is being tested. Flight tests of the national electronic warfare pod (EHPOD), developed by TUBITAK-BILGEM, have been started in order to protect F-16 fighter jets from threats, especially guided missiles.

EHPOD is one of the most vital electronic warfare projects in Turkey, including Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and electronic countermeasure (ECT) subsystems.

EHPOD’s RWR subsystem detects the transmissions of radar systems with multiple broadband antennas placed in the pod. The system periodically scans the radar frequency band and determines the parameters of the received signals, such as frequency, pulse width, direction, and pulse repetition range. Using these measurements, the signals are separated and the broadcast type is determined.

ECT is used to confuse or mislead radars. They can create a large number of fake targets on the Radar screen, hide real targets, or move them randomly. ECT also has superior capabilities such as ECT wide instantaneous bandwidth and digital RF memory.

EHPOD will be much more capable than all the electronic warfare self-defense systems currently in the Turkish Air Force inventory.

The F-16 aircraft electronic warfare Pod (EHPOD) System Development Project, carried out with national facilities under the Coordination of TUBITAK, resonated in the Defense Media. The EHPOD project, where integration activities continue, was widely reported in the press.

EHPOD being tested using F-16s

The electronic warfare Pod (EHPOD) has been tested on Turkish F-16 fighter jets. Turkey attaches great importance to electronic warfare technology, and the F-16s will be hidden by the EHPOD.

It will also be used in Akinci UCAV

It was also pointed out that EHPOD will be used in Bayraktar Akinci UCAV (Offensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) recently.

Cloaking feature

Electronic countermeasure (ECT) systems are used to confuse or mislead radars. It can create a large number of fake targets on the radar screen, hide real targets, or move them randomly. Provides effective protection of aircraft against guided missiles. Most countries ‘ air forces use ECT systems against attacks in hostile environments.

MEHPOD is an indigenous electronic warfare Pod for fighter self protection against RF guided threats.

MEHPOD is an indigenous Pod System developed to provide protection and survivability of fighters against RF Guided Threats.


• Electronic Protection against RF guided threats,
• Easy Integration to Fighters as a Standalone Pod
• Threat detection, classification and identification in E-J
• RF energy transmission enabling deceptive and noise
jamming techniques in a dynamic threat environment
• Tracking and jamming the threats autonomously
• Phased array antenna and solid state transmitter
architecture (AESA)
• Fully programmable Mission Data File architecture


• Instanteneous Frequency Measurement (IFM),
• High-sensitivy Superhet Digital Receiver,
• Digital RF Memory (DRFM),
• Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)
• Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA),
• Aerodynamic Design with low drag index
• Qualification and Certification
• Self-contained ECS and Power Systems