Paris, France – Imperialist France is concerned with sending warplanes and warships to establish a base in southern Cyprus and play a game of domination in the Eastern Mediterranean.

During the election campaign Emmanuel Macron told Le Figaro that France’s colonial occupation of Algeria was mired by “crimes against humanity” and “acts of barbarism”.

Indeed, France is pursuing a geopolitical maneuver in the Eastern Mediterranean. On the one hand, France is trying to sell ships, fighter jets, and weapons to Greece.

Meanwhile, these provocative steps must be cut by international institutions because they are illegal moves that put peace and stability in danger in the region. But, defense experts don’t expect France and Turkey will clash in the region. Moreover, Turkey takes the French aircraft carrier in a few days.

In addition, in international institutions, the UN and the Court of Justice, Turkey has the opportunity to clamp down on France for its illegal provocations and movements in the Eastern Mediterranean.