Athens, Greece – Turkey accused rival Greece of lacking credibility by issuing illegal Navtex covering waters of the Blue Homeland in the Eastern Mediterranean, and of orchestrating the exploiting of natural resources in Eastern Mediterranean on ethnically-split Cyprus.

Earlier on Monday Turkey issued a maritime advisory that it planned to dispatch the Oruc Reis survey vessel to the region, drawing strong criticism from Greece.

Last month, Turkey withdrew the vessel (Oruc Reis) from waters of the Blue Homeland in the Eastern Mediterranean to “allow for diplomacy” before an EU summit at which Southern Cyprus had pushed for sanctions and Turkey. Greece welcomed that move.

Greece has proven it lacks credibility in Aegean and Mediterranean relations. All those who trusted Greece meant all it said before the European summit of October 1-2 now stand corrected.

By the way, Turkey has already declared that it will never give up its rights and interests in the Blue Homeland.