Ankara, Turkey – Turkey has responded to Greece’s navigation warning (Navtex) regarding research vessel Oruc Reis and accompanying ships with one of its own, reminding mariners the Turkish Navtex is legal, as it concerns an area of Blue Homeland in the Turkish continental shelf.

Turkey issued the navigational warning extending Oruc Reis’ presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, shifting it south of the Greek island of Rhodes until November 4 Saturday.

Turkey rejects the authority of Irakleio Navtex station, which is on the island of Crete, over the area.

Reaction of the Oruc Reis from Turkey to Greece

The foreign ministry reacted to a statement by the Greek Foreign Ministry, which suggested that seismic research activities conducted by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean were carried out on the Greek continental shelf, calling these activities “illegal”.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy responded in writing to a question about the Greek Foreign Ministry’s statement on Turkey’s Seismic Research Activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs today issued a “baseless statement” suggesting that seismic research activities carried out by Turkey on the continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean were carried out on the Greek continental shelf and calling these activities “illegal”, Aksoy said:

“The area where our Oruc Reis ship conducts seismic research activities is completely within the continental shelf of our country, which is determined on the basis of international law and recorded before the United Nations. The arbitrariness was also explained to the Greek Ambassador to Ankara on 23 October 2020. November 25 October – November 4, 2020 between the seismic survey will be carried out by Oruç Reis current working area of mainland Greece 440 kilometers and 130 kilometers from our country.”

Aksoy said that Turkey, as always, is ready for dialogue and cooperation for a solution on the basis of fairness, in which both it and the Turkish Cypriots ‘ legitimate rights are guaranteed in the Eastern Mediterranean. “we expect Greece to stop creating artificial reasons and providing prerequisites for not entering into dialogue with our country., “he said.