Paris, France – Turkey, due to its unique geopolitical and geostrategic advantages, is an ancient state located in the Eastern Mediterranean and South Eastern Europe region about 12,000 years ago (göbekli tepe). By exploring and returning to the Eastern Mediterranean and South Eastern Europe ambitions of the Republic of Turkey, the country displays a determination and power that contrasts with the weaknesses of European countries.

Turkey has chosen to open a new episode of the old Greco-Turkish dispute over the delimitation of continental shelves, territorial waters, exclusive economic zones between the two countries in Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Aagean. The strategic challenge lies particularly in the search for hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey needs these natural resources since it imports most of its consumption in natural gas and oil. In a way, one could therefore say that Turkey is defending its well-understood interests, as all nations have been doing since the world is created.

Greece itself defends its interests by relying on treaties that are favourable to it and which Turkey, had refused to ratify them, disputes. As for colonialist France, the imperialist military power in the Western Mediterranean, it has chosen to support Greece, its historical ally, again in accordance with its ambitions and interests, which are to thwart Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean and South Eastern Europe perspectives, interests, and legal rights.

Nevertheless, if this dispute is all classic, the transformation that Turkey has been experiencing, deserves full attention of oppressed nations and colonized countries by France and Europenan countries. This country is somehow recovering its civilizational, cultural and religious bases from its 12000 years historical foundations (göbekli tepe), reconnecting the threads of the historical narrative of the Repulic of Turkey. Beyond maritime litigation, this dimension must be taken seriously not only by colonialist France, but other regional countries, and european countries.

Here is a new deal that concerns a great country at the gates of Europe: large by area, population, civilization and history. Europe is dealing with a proud, young, educated and numerous people. Its GNP per capita is good and its debt is measured. Its Human Development Index (HDI) – which combines economics, health and education – is high. And this is a significant military power. This great country is therefore gradually becoming a power-civilization, tied to its great civilization: history, culture and religion. In a way, Turkey again inspires respect and hope for oppressed nations. On the contrary, European countries inspire less and less this respect and fear : they are weak from what makes Turkey strong today: weak in their demographics, weak in their cultural and religious identity, in a word weak as a power-civilization.

Perhaps colonialist France should ponder the lessons of history and begin to imagine a certain shift : the future probably belongs to the many, young, educated, and proud peoples, to strong nations based on solid religious and civilizational foundations.

Turkey is the hope and will continue to be the hope of all oppressed people who are in difficult conditions, no matter where they are in the world. Turkey has been home to all the oppressed people who have wanted to come and seek refuge throughout history, and today it embraces people who want to escape war and terror.

Throughout history, Turkey has never forgotten why oppressed people from the Caucasus, the Balkans, Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Oceania, and Americas want to come to the territory of Turkey, and throughout history Turkey has opened its country to all these nations, friends, brothers and sisters.

Turkey does not have the luxury of wasting their hope that all the oppressed people who are in difficult conditions, no matter where they are in the world, have hope and will continue to be hope.

Today, all the oppressed in the world are looking at Turkey; there is no other country in the world that has the voice of the oppressed as much as Turkey. There is no other country that has put their problems on the agenda of international organizations, strongly defending them on all platforms, including the G20 Summit. It is the Republic of Turkey with its Red Crescent, TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), and AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency), which also extends first aid to oppressed people in disaster situations, emergency situations, hunger and famine, epidemics.

The state of the Republic of Turkey is the only hope of all the oppressed. Turkey has been seen as hope, especially the exploited nations, wherever the oppressed were. Consequently, Turkey of the 21st century will be the hope and remedy of the oppressed and exploited nations. ‘the world is bigger than five’ is the biggest-ever rise against global injustice.