Ankara, Turkey – The name and status of all Aegean islands were not determined in the Lausanne and 1947 Paris Treaties of 1923: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should urgently declare the Turkish names of these islands. Greece not only claims sovereignty on these islands, but also arms them. Kara Island and Fener Island near Meis, Goat Island, Hursit island, Sheep Island, Wasps are a few of these islands.

At the heart of the problems between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean is the issue of continental shelf, territorial waters, airspace and islands with their uncertainty status.

The Greek government does not refuse to negotiate with Turkey, arguing that there are no problems other than the country’s surface, other existing problems are caused by the country’s surface.

At the beginning of the key issues on which Greece rejects its diplomacy is the issue of Aegean islands, Islands and cliffs, whose sovereignty has not been transferred to Greece by treaties.

Turkey began defending its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean with the Libyan agreement, Turkey has now started to bring Greece’s other lawlessness and violations of international agreements to the table.

Greece has violated international law and treaties, the situation regarding the EGEAYDAAK problem:

Greece, which did not only go up on the Aegean and race to plant the flag, also militarized and armed these places. Kara Island and Fener Island, Goat Island, Hurşit island, Sheep Island and Wasps are a few of these islands next to Kızılhisar (Meis) island.

Greece has already militarized and armed another 23 islands, which we call 12 islands, when it should be demilitarized. Turkey today issued a navtex against Navtex, which Greece will conduct exercises in Chios, officially declaring that the gay military status of Chios is deteriorated according to the Lausanne Treaty.

In addition, the problems of the Turks of Western Thrace are also on the agenda, as Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu noted. As with Greece, Aegean and 12 islands, Western Thrace violated the state of law, usurped the autonomy rights of the Turks there and broke the Treaty of Sevres, and made the region return to the state-free zone of the Treaty of Neuilly. These will be expressed in stages based on Greece’s attitude and the way it chooses against Turkey.

Turkey will emerge victorious from this diplomatic power, but it must be followed by compelling diplomatic leaders. Turkey must exercise the right arising from international law and create de facto situations that will force Greece on the ground.

Only in this way can the problem of EGEAYDAAK and 12 islands be solved and a climate of trust and peace can be established again between Turkey and Greece.