Ankara, Turkey – In the face of Turkey’s law-based activities in the eastern Mediterranean, Greece has many provocations.

Turkey, which is trying to implement the principle of the national economy and especially wants to end external dependence on energy, has started oil and natural gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Turkey, which is working on its continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, which has rich underground resources, has expanded its field of activity by making an agreement with Libya. After the agreement, which followed international law, the European Union took action to block Turkey. Using Greece as bait, the European Union has given gas to the Greek government to curb drilling activities. Greece, on the other hand, has even threatened war on Turkey, signing provocations in a row.

Greece, which does not recognize the agreement between Turkey and Libya, has also entered into an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) agreement with Egypt and Italy, which has no legal basis, to clamp down on the so-called Turkey.

As for the growing tension in the region after successive provocations of Europe and Greece’s arrogant attitude, Turkey urgently needs to make an EEZ agreement, Greece is looking for a new provocation.

Greece could reach an EEZ agreement with the GCA using the island of Meis, and that Turkey had set its borders in the Eastern Mediterranean under its agreement with Libya, and should now set its eastern borders. The declaration of an ‘exclusive economic zone’ should be made immediately, as if it had made a deal with Israel and Egypt. Turkey will define the eastern borders with the two countries in question.

The main issue in the Eastern Mediterranean is no longer the question of energy, but of security. Turkey is trying to be provoked in the region , and that Europe is provoking Turkey by helping Greece. What if Greece sends troops to the Aegean islands, if Greece sends troops to all thousands of islands, there will be no soldiers left to fight on the land of Greece.

In the face of Greek provocations, Turkey should take all measures, but diplomacy should be given priority.

If France’s plan is also analyzed, the French government sees Turkey as a competitor in the Sahel region, Africa and the Middle East, using Greece to avoid competition.

In the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean, Turkey is provoked through the island of Meis, and Greece is trying to gain dominance in the region.

In addition, Turkey should declare a new maritime boundary delimitation in the Eastern Mediterranean. It should draw Turkey’s west-east boundaries of Turkey on the Seas precisely. The Eastern Mediterranean is no longer an energy issue, but a serious security issue.

Meanwhile, Turkey should give Greece a diplomatic note. It must also pass on the necessary evidences and documents to the UN. Turkey needs to show that this place belongs to us.

As a matter of fact, recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean have reached as dangerous dimensions as the PKK/YPG in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, Turkey needs to take action on islands whose sovereignty is not granted to Greece.