Ankara, Turkey – Imperialist US, France, Russia, and the EU want to geopolitically surround Turkey, which follows an independent foreign policy alone and is the hope of the oppressed in the globe.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement that’ we are aware that Turkey is trying to be surrounded ‘ sheds light on the events of recent years.

But what is the main goal in this process, and most importantly, what should Turkey do in the face of this siege? All these questions and the military and diplomatic legs of the process were evaluated.

Although the containment that the president meant has become clear recently, the foundation of this situation has been laid long before.

The situation was clearly clarified by the US National Security Strategy document released in 2017, “in this document, Turkey was neither mentioned as an ally nor listed as an enemy. Turkey, which was mentioned as a ‘strategic ally’ in the previous documents, was not placed in any category by this document.”

Events in the containment process.

The United States came to Iraq years ago and became our neighbor from the South. Barzani’s referendum on independence in the region was the most important step in Iraq’s containment movement. It was the First Ring of containment. This project was shelved due to the opposition of Turkey, Iran and the then-Iraqi central administration.

On the other hand, the United States wanted to protect the Qandil and other areas of the PKK terrorist organization that Turkey is facing in security operations inside and outside the border. Because he also needed the forces that were here in Syria. The United States ‘ complete control of the east of the Euphrates began the process of establishing so-called cantonal zones against Turkey north of the M4, which was one of the Rings of the encirclement.

Turkey’s Middle East ties with cantons wanted to be cut off.

In the process, the US administration has used Daesh (ISIS /ISIL) as a leverage against Turkey, saying that the crackdown on Arab tribes in the region aims to ‘change the demographic structure and open up space for the Kurdish state.

The so-called cantons wanted to create a Kurdish state in the south of Turkey and cut off relations with other Middle Eastern countries.

This region was also considered the shortest route through which an oil pipeline would pass. It was considered as an alternative to the pipeline that ended in Ceyhan for oil from northern Iraq. But Turkey broke all this with various interventions.

The USA has become permanent in Alexandroupolis in support of Greece, settled in the Balkans, opened the facility which it considers as the 6th most important base in Bulgaria, increased the number of troops there, moved troops to Romania, bombardment in the Black Sea and when one looks at things like the increase in the number of reconnaissance planes, and the last link added to this, there is close support, as the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement for Greece is the pillar of peace and stability in the Mediterranean.

The United States has launched the bulk of the Greater Middle East project (GMEP). Turkey and Iran were not affected. Syria and Iraq have fallen apart. Libya is in the same situation. The main goal of the United States is to destabilize Iran and Turkey, which it sees as a huge obstacle to within the framework of the GMEP, drag them into civil war and eventually divide them into different small states.

Other actors were annoyed when Turkey became a “subject”

The encirclement of Turkey is actually related to the fact that Turkey has turned to a number of ‘disturbing’ practices by other states.

One knows that if any actor exists in any region that has not existed before, or if an actor that has actually existed for a long time but whose level of activity is low becomes a state of increasing its current activities, then other actors will be met with a reaction by other states, other structures. The answer to the question of why Turkey wants to be surrounded:

In recent periods, especially in such a process, in the geography in which it exists, one can call it more status quo, it preserves the current situation and may have disturbed some states by increasing the level of activity while it is in a suitable state.

’ The Republic of Turkey is surrounded ‘ has made Turkey a subject.

Because the situation that causes them to take the ‘we do not prefer this movement’ approach, which creates the psychology of being surrounded, is related to Turkey’s increase in activity as a subject.

We need to take the example of the chief of fasting. Why would a ship exploring underground resources off the island of Meis bother a number of circles, especially the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus and Greece?

Meis is not an island chosen by chance. It has a strategic location. If one draws a line from there and evaluate the Exclusive Economic Zone locations, one will see that the areas of Greece and GCA EEZ merge through the Meis. There it is a bridge for both countries.

Turkey does not have the luxury of staying silent.

As a great power with moderate resources in the geography in which Turkey is located, it has come to a position that attracts the attention of some circles, and problems have started to occur from this point on.

Turkey does not have the luxury of remaining silent in terms of the power it has in its region and watching others make serious decisions about this region. It is necessary to draw the bottom of this very clearly.

Turkey’s regional policies, independent of governments, need to be implemented effectively. The same tradition must be maintained even when the party that exists today does not exist in the future. As far as one can see right now, that’s what decision makers do.

All Turkey’s elements of national power are surrounded.

It is attempted to surround Turkey not only from a political and military point of view, but also from angles that concern all elements of national power and through a geopolitical photo.

In an attempt to find safe routes from Turkey to the Middle East, Turkey has not found one. In all ways, many obstacles were created to prevent Turkey’s economic expansion.

What is the goal in opening Turkey’s Ovakoy border crossing? First, let’s access Telafar. Let’s go from Telafar in the direction of Mosul-Kirkuk with one arm, from Saladin in the direction of Baghdad and from there down to Basra.

None of the powers on different axes and countries in the region want this. Why? Obviously, there is a fiction.

On the other side is the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Blue Homeland. Turkey is confronted with another photo of the siege from the seas. Turkey is faced with a situation where marine resources are distributed outside of us.

We have a trillion-dollar loss

Since Turkey’s problems with the YPG-PKK terrorist organization and other radicals are ‘another step of containment’, the issue does not stem from the minds of these organizations, but from the geopolitical goals set out by those who use these organizations against Turkey.

Turkey has buried about 36 years.

Turkey was imprisoned for 36 years and also faced a siege of concepts. In the process, it also lost $ 1.1 trillion. All elements of national power faced pressure, and it could not tear its shirt, either inside or outside – it could not throw the shackles on its feet.

The October July 6-8 events and the July 15 coup attempt came when the rebellion was suppressed , Turkey will go out on the plain’. After the coup attempt, Turkish army was constantly trying to defeat and its national power elements were put under pressure.

Despite this, when it was engaged in a geopolitical struggle in Iraq, Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya, Greece made a balloon, and the Caucasus made a balloon. Why? Because these are the other equivalents of the geopolitical struggle

Turkey is the lead actor.

Pointing out that Turkey is an extremely successful actor both in terms of the Turkish republics and the Islamic world, he said: “Turkey is hope. Now, when the sophistication it produces, its historical and genetic roots and other characteristics come together, we see that Turkey has been made ‘pruned as it grows, watered as it dries’. Because Turkey is also very important for these forces and they want to use it themselves.”

A proxy attached to them by external forces aims at a turkey.

When Turkey defied this, the apocalypse broke out in red. There’s been a lot of mistrust. In other words, especially the support they provide to terrorist organizations, the support they provide to the PKK and FETO, the use of asymmetric organizations, and the creation of instability in the region and Turkey.

Turkey has seen them but has not surrendered. It could have surrendered. It could have sworn allegiance. It didn’t swear allegiance, it fought. This fight is going to be tough. But it will definitely, absolutely win this fight, because Turkey is an extremely strong country. As long as it doesn’t make a conceptual mistake.