Turkey Greece Conflict

Istanbul, Turkey – Tensions have high in the eastern Mediterranean. Greece has been contesting Turkey’s rights to energy exploration and has even been involved in a few skirmishes recently.

Greece has made extensive maritime claims to small islands of Turkish coast, which are just kilometers away.

While Greece and the European Union tried to turn down our demands, they came up against the backlash of their investors.

Greece continued to deploy naval vessels in the Aegean Sea, sending boats to islands in the eastern Aegean just a few miles from Turkey.

Despite all of Turkey’s positive and constructive efforts, Greece continues its provocative and unlawful actions.

However, Turkey has maintained its efforts in favor of resolving the issue using dialogue and negotiations based on international law and good neighborly relations via peaceful means.

Athens denied the NATO Secretary General’s announcement of a “technical talks” between Turkey and Greece. Greece currently have an uneasy standoff over offshore energy rights. It was reported that Greece had agreed to conduct talks with Turkey, but their foreign ministry denied it.