Istanbul, Turkey –  Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar reacted strongly to the announcement that Greece would conduct exercises in the area where the Oruç Reis ship was investigating. Akar said in a statement that the decision would increase tension.

Tension with Greece continue after Turkey sent the Oruç Reis ship to the Mediterranean Sea. Another move has drawn a backlash from the Greek administration today. The Greek government has announced that Greece will conduct exercises in the region where Turkey declared NAVTEX and where Oruç Reis is stationed.

Harsh reaction from Turkey
The first statement after Greece’s this step came from Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, “Greece’s announcement that it will conduct exercises in the field of activity of Oruç Reis increases the tension,” Minister Akar said. Addressing the unit commanders via Video conference, Akar stated that “we are right in the activities carried out in the Eastern Mediterranean and that we will continue to do our duties in the best way we have been given to date”.