Ganja, Azerbaijan – Armenia – Azerbaijan War: 7 civilians were killed and 28 injured when the Armenian army attacked the Azerbaijani city of ganja with missiles 24 hours after the ceasefire.
Azerbaijan’s Attorney General’s office said in a written statement that missiles launched by Armenia hit residential homes where civilians live in the city of ganja.

According to initial estimates, 7 people were killed and 28 injured due to the attack, the statement said. In the rubble of houses destroyed by the violence of the attack search and rescue efforts are continuing.

The young citizens, who were left under the rubble due to the attack and survived with minor abrasions, told the news media about those moments of horror and what they had experienced.

Ali Memedov, who said he left the completely destroyed house with his own means, said: “at first we heard an explosion. And then the house just collapsed on us. I think it was an earthquake first. Then my family and I came out of the wreckage.” said.

“I heard the screams of children and women,” said Memedov, who said he was in a big shock when he came out and the actual missiles fell on the buildings of his neighbors. We immediately helped them and tried to get away from the scene., “he said.

A mother, who was waiting in front of her house in tears, said: “2 of my children were injured in the head in the explosion. My mother was also injured in the foot due to falling pieces of glass.” said.

The young mother, who said her children are currently being treated in hospital, said: “for the first time in my life, I have experienced such a shock. What was our crime?”he cried out.

Ilham Abbasov, a resident of the region, said that Armenia’s call for a ceasefire should not be trusted, adding: “We have made a ceasefire for people to take their funerals from the fronts. But they shot us at the first opportunity. The attack shows the fascism of the Armenian army.” said.
Abbasov, who said that instead of the missiles falling, it belonged entirely to civilians, said: “What was this place? Military headquarters? Army? A neighborhood where children and women live, and a park right next to it.” said.