Yerevan, Armenia – During the cluster bomb attack of occupied Armenia on civilian settlements in Azerbaijan, Tükezban Mirzaliyeva was also killed. Tükezban Mirzaliyeva left behind her 22-day-old baby.

Tükezban Mirzaliyeva (25), who died in the Berde massacre, left behind her 22-day-old baby, whom she could not get enough to love. Mirzaliyeva was murdered on her way to a doctor’s examination in the city of Berde. Tükezban Mirzaliyeva and her father Cherkez Mirzaliyev were buried side by side in Çelebiler Village.

“I was on the front line in Terter when I received the news of the death of my wife and father-in-law,” Mirzaliyeva’s wife, Elçin Ismailov, told Sabah. My soldier. I went to the front on September 27, and came home again on October 8 after the birth of my daughter. I only saw my wife after giving birth for 1 day and returned to the front again. We got married 5 years ago. We visited all hospitals in Azerbaijan for IVF treatment. My wife eventually became pregnant, and our daughter, whom we call Kemale, was born. We’ve been waiting for this moment for 5 years. He left before he could get enough of his baby, leaving us alone,” he said.

So far, 90 people have been killed and 392 civilians injured in Armenia’s attacks on civilians since September 27.

2,406 homes, 92 apartments and 423 public buildings were destroyed. 11 children were killed and 8 children were injured in the attacks.