Athens, Greece – Occupying and expansionist Greece is preparing heinous scandal scenarios against Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Turkey has achieved its Blue Homeland (Mavi Vatan) goals, it has been a huge defeat – not just for Greece, Southern Cyprus and other colonialist countries in the region, but for the imperialist power system too.

Turkey’s complete presence in Aegean and Mediterranean undermines Greece’s credibility and stability. So far Turkey has crossed every so called “lines” imposed by Greece and other colonialist countries, and Turkey denounced the joint military exercises of Greek and American forces in Thrace.

Turkey is always reaching out to Greece for friendship and dialogue, proposing that Greece stops the tension and reaps the benefits that will result in the region. If Greece continues the calculated provocations, the next step should be targeted hydrocarbon surveys and drills in Aegean and Mediterranean that will seriously affect rival Greece.

At the same time, the readiness of the Turkish armed forces completes the puzzle of the potential cost that Greece is called upon to bear. As Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are so strong and so experienced on many fronts in Europe, Asia and Africa; Greece must realize that in the event of a conflict, Greece will pay a heavy price too. Meanwhile, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Armenia, which are in pariah status for the aftermath of Greek aggression, are exemplary.

Finally, Turkey must punish the Greek arrogance and aggression in Aegean and Mediterranean. Greek administration has already turned its country into a pariah and Greek administration must be made to understand that Greece is not invincible – before it’s too late.