Ankara, Turkey – It can meet Turkey’s 100-year-old energy needs! Awesome Reserve detected. First in Turkey, a professor dr. Engin Arik who died in a plane crash in Isparta, a study on thorium reserves was prepared. Scientists, only 20 thousand tons of thorium reserves detected in Isparta Aksu will meet Turkey’s 100-year-old energy age, he said.

Professors of Physics Prof. Dr. Metin Arik, Prof. Dr. Saleh Sultansoy, Prof. Dr. M. Atıf Çetiner, Assoc. Dr. Abdullatif Caliskan, Dr. Umit Kaya, a professor who died in a plane crash in Isparta in 2007 Dr. Engin Arik, thorium, Turkish accelerator complex (TAC), Turkish Science City, which he brought up for the first time in Turkey, consisting of projects such as ‘Green nuclear energy’ carried out a joint study.

Professor Arik’s dream
A study prepared by scientists working at various universities in Turkey focused on the Thorium-fueled energy system based on a proton accelerator. Scientists believe that if accelerator technology can be added to Turkey’s rich thorium reserves, it can solve the energy problem of our country and even the world, so that Prof. Dr. Engin Arik’s dream will come true.

In charge of experiments at CERN
At the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), he was involved in the ATLAS experiment, the LHeC Large Hadron Electron Collider and the FCC future circular Collider projects designed to discover the secrets of the universe. Dr. Saleh Sultansoy provided information about the content of the study. Professor from the Department of Materials Science and nanotechnology engineering of TOBB ETU Dr. Sultansoy, ” thanks to the blocked and incomplete TaC project, ‘the power of matter’ will also be studied in Turkey and in this geography in general. If the project had taken place, Turkey would have been a regional attraction and one of the global attractions in this area,” he said.

EA or ADS technology
He pointed out that particle accelerators, which have an important place among the strategic technologies of the 21st century, are used in many areas of science, technology, medicine and industry. Prof.Dr. Sultansoy “Perhaps the most important area of use for our country is the energy Amplifier (EA) or Accelerator Driven system (ADS) technology proposed by CERN in the 1990s under the leadership of Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubbia,” Sultansoy said.

Nuclear fuel from thorium
This technology, developed as an alternative to traditional nuclear reactors to meet the world’s growing energy needs, has made a big step especially in recent years, Prof. Dr. Sultansoy said ” this technology, which will allow the use of thorium as a nuclear fuel, is on the agenda of the Turkish public, which we lost in a plane crash in 2007. Dr. Engin Arik’s interview with the press in 2002 was moved, ” he said.

National program requirement
In recent years, national programs have been launched in many countries, especially Belgium, China and India. Dr. Sultansoy added that international collaborations have been established. Prof. Dr. “It is essential that our country also start a national program as soon as possible and participate in international cooperation,” Sultansoy said.

Prof. Dr. Sultansoy “The most important difference of this system from conventional reactors is that the neutrons that trigger the nuclear process are produced outside the reactor using a proton accelerator. For this reason, in principle, it is impossible to have accidents of the kind that took place in Chernobyl. Another important advantage is that there is very little long-lasting nuclear waste,” he said.

Turkey is second in the world reserve ranking
According to the data of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), India took the first place in the world’s thorium reserves with 846 thousand tons. Dr. Sultansoy “744 thousand tons of Turkey second, 606 thousand tons of Brazil third. Australia 521 thousand, USA 424 thousand, Egypt 380 thousand tons are listed as. According to research conducted in Turkey, the IAEA’s data is estimated to have much higher thorium reserves,” he said.

Total thorium reserves of Turkey 880 thousand tons
380 thousand tons of thorium reserves were detected in Eskisehir – Sivrihisar region in Turkey. Dr. Sultansoy, ” in addition, a preliminary aerial search was conducted in the Malatya-Kuluncak region, but no work was carried out to determine the Reserve. Professor Carlo Rubbia’s presentations since the 1990s indicate that Turkey’s total thorium reserve is about 880 thousand tons (20 percent of the world’s thorium Reserve). Recent findings support Rubbia’s view. Thorium reserves of more than 20 thousand tons, detected only in the Aksu region of Isparta, meet Turkey’s energy needs for 100 years. Thorium in this region, unlike Sivrihisar reserves, is much more easily processed,” he said.

“A lasting economic and strategic value”
In a joint study of scientists, it was emphasized that thorium-fired systems with accelerator versions will be one of the most important energy sources in the future. As fossil fuel reserves are depleted, it is inevitable that ADS technology will become one of the cheapest and safest energy production mechanisms, as the price of oil and other conventional energy types continue to rise. It was noted that in the future, a country will have both thorium reserves and self-produced ADS technology that will use it safely, creating a lasting economic and strategic value.

“ADS technology must be launched immediately”
The project also includes all the technical details of the applications that need to be done. Given that about one-fifth of the estimated thorium reserves in the world are located in Turkey, it was emphasized that the need for an urgent start of research and development related to ADS technology. In the study, it was first asked to start studies to eliminate speculation about Turkey’s thorium reserves and to reveal the real situation as soon as possible.

“An amount that will meet for centuries”
“The realization of a national program envisioning the installation of a high-current proton accelerator with GeV energy will enable us to meet the energy needs of our country, as well as to have a source of neutron spalling used in many areas of Science and technology. It should not be forgotten that the Thorium Reserve in Turkey is sufficient to meet the energy needs of our country for centuries.”

What is Thorium, Where is It Used? What are Its Features?
Thorium was once again the subject of curiosity with the latest study of scientists. Turkey has an important place, especially in terms of underground resources. So, what is thorium, where is it used? What are its features? Here are the details:

Radioactive element
Thorium, which has also been heard frequently in the press recently, is among the underground mines of the future. It is one of two important radioactive elements in this regard that exist alone in the Earth’s crust and do not need another radioactive element to do so. Another radioactive element that shows the same property stands out as Uranium. These two radioactive elements are very important for their use and for the future.

Thorium properties
Thorium is an important element contained in an average of 60 different minerals. It stands out as torite, bastnazite and torianite as its main components. It also contains many substances such as Uranium, manganese, lead, tin, magnesium and aluminum, as well as sodium and iron. Thorium, whose melting point is 1750 degrees Celsius, boils at 4000 degrees Celsius. It is possible to say that it is a much more resistant substance to corrosion than uranium.

At the same time thorium is insoluble in water. It remains balanced at room temperature, while in powder form, it takes the shape of thO32 by burning easily. Toryum, which has a rich reserve around the world, is an important place in Turkey in this regard. Thorium, which already represents an important potential in terms of usage, is known to be much more important in the name of the future.

In what areas is thorium used?
Thorium is one of the most important elements used in many different fields. In particular, it has the privilege of being alone in the Earth’s crust without the need for any other elements. In this direction, it is continuously evaluated according to its purpose of use by extracting it together with its rich reserves in many different parts of the world.

  • Most importantly, it is of great importance as a source of energy from the point of view of nuclear power plants.
  • Used for gas lamps,
  • Evaluated in space and aerospace research,
  • Manufacture of ceramic parts and crucibles,
  • Production of many different scientific devices,
  • Lamp filament coating,
  • In many different electronic devices,

Along with such areas, thorium, especially nuclear power plants, will have a much more important place in the future as fuel energy.