Athens, Greece – Greek media reported that the Greek Air Force had to air F-16s in the face of Turkish UCAVs, noting that this was costly.

In Greek media reports about Turkish UCAVs who have achieved great success in Libya, Syria and Karabakh, attention was paid to the importance of the role of Turkish UCAVs in Karabakh, which the Azerbaijani army uses against Armenia.

The Greek government should consider this development, the country’s voice said.

In the news, it was stated that Turkey has created its own technology for UAVs and has spread its use, while Greece only monitors developments, and Turkish UCAVs will force the Greek Air Force in the Aegean.

Greek media, which stated that Turkey is actively using UAVs in the Aegean, noted that the Greek Air Force was forced to air F-16s against Turkish UCAVs, which was expensive.

On the other hand, one of Russia’s leading newspapers, Vedomosti, included an analysis on the “Karabakh War”.

It was emphasized that the conflict ended with the defeat of Armenia. Praiseworthy statements were used about Turkey.

The paper emphasized Turkish UCAVs. “Bayraktar TB2” drones, Syria and Libya after the successful results in Karabakh, he said.

“Turkey’s prestige has increased tremendously,” he said. It was underlined that Azerbaijan, which had gained air superiority with the help of Turkish UCAVs, easily won the war.

The article also emphasized that Turkey’s influence in the geographies where Turkic languages are spoken in Central Asia will increase rapidly.

It was stated that” revived Turkishness “became a more attractive project than” post-Soviet integration”.

The analysis stated that Azerbaijan, which reclaimed the territory it lost in 1994, did not need to pursue a balance policy in the region after that.

Azerbaijan provided direct communication with Turkey and can now speak to the Russians in a completely different tone.

Forbes, one of the leading US business magazines, also referred to Turkish UCAVs as a “magic bullet”.

In an article written by David Hambling, it was emphasized that Azerbaijan used several different drones against Armenia, the most effective of which were Turkish UCAVs.

The article stated that Turkish-made Sikhs were also used effectively in Syria, Iraq and Libya before.

It was underlined that Bayraktar TB-2s are much more effective than us or Israeli-made UCAVs.

Earlier, the world-famous The Economist magazine predicted that Turkish UCAVs would be effective on the Karabakh front.

The British broadcaster BBC referred to TB-2s as the “star of the UAV market”. In the Japanese press, Turkish UCAVs also found a wide place.