Yerevan, Armenia – The Turkish UCAVs have broken their memorization! Very striking analysis from AFP: not a single day we haven’t seen.

Turkish UCAVs continue to write sagas. In Syria, Iraq and Libya, the game-changing Sikhs also came to the fore in Azerbaijan’s successful offensive against Armenia. When Azerbaijan defeated Armenia in a few days, using the UCAVs it bought from Turkey very actively, the world faced the reality of UCAVs once again. The French agency AFP has published a stunning report on Turkish UCAVs. The report, which also included statements by PKK terrorists, commented that it ‘disrupts memorization’ for UCAVs.

Turkey has produced many important weapons with domestic and national defense industry moves. But among them, the UCAVs have a different place. The UCAVs produced locally and nationally by Bay-Kar have both reduced the cost and significantly reduced the risk in the fight against terrorism. The UCAVs who wrote the epic in Syria, Libya and the north of Iraq have shown the world that it is a ‘game changer’. AFP has published a stunning report on the UCAVs ‘ success.

AFP called it a ‘game changer’ for Turkish UCAVs. He was also quoted in the news as having spoken to PKK terrorists. “There is not a single day when we don’t see UCAV, they are flying so low,” he said…”with his words, UCAV revealed her fear.

When Armenia targeted the civilian settlements of Azerbaijan, everything became confused in the region. Azerbaijan, which has been waiting for 30 years, responded with very harsh attacks on Armenia for Nagorno-Karabakh. Sikhs bought from Turkey played a leading role in the attacks of Azerbaijan. Hundreds of Armenian militiamen and soldiers were killed by the UCAVs.

When Armenian troops could not escape the UCAV attacks, they began to leave the positions. The events once again demonstrated the role of the UCAV in the new wars.