Ankara, Turkey – The foreign ministry responded to the EU’s remarks. “If the EU wants a solution in the Eastern Mediterranean, it must act impartially and be an honest mediator, ” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Aksoy, EU unofficial foreign ministers ‘ meeting after the press statement on the question said:

“The main cause of tension in the Eastern Mediterranean is Greece and the GCA, with maximalist and contrary actions and demands of international law. The unconditional support of the EU under the pretext of unity solidarity for this duo, who are trying to ignore the legitimate rights and interests of our country and the Turkish Cypriots in the Eastern Mediterranean, further escalates tensions. It is not in line for the EU to criticize our country’s hydrocarbon activities on its continental shelf and demand that we stop them. Because, as the EU Court of Justice confirmed, the EU has no authority in this regard. This demand is contrary to both the EU’s own acquis and international law.”

“We invite the EU and EU member states not to support Greece’s maximalist demands, which are contrary to international law, under the pretext of unity solidarity,” Aksoy said.:

“Greece is not an archipelago state. It is contrary to international law and case law that Greek islands close to Anatolia, especially Meis, have a continental shelf.

Turkey always emphasizes dialogue and diplomacy, while the EU’s application to sanctions language does not help solve existing problems, and it further increases our country’s determination. Despite all the illegal alliances established against it, Turkey will continue with determination to protect the interests of itself and the Turkish Cypriots.

If a sincere solution to the issue is to be sought, Greece and the GCA need to see that this situation is now unsustainable and understand that they must not act on the miscalculations of those behind them. As a result, if the EU wants a solution in the Eastern Mediterranean, it must act impartially and be an honest mediator.”