Ankara, Turkey – Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense, announced that 93,327 personnel were recruited to the TAF as of July 15. “70 percent of them are specialists and contract staff who are heroically involved in operations,” Mr Akar said.

“As of July 15, we have received 93,327 personnel, 70 percent of which are specialists and contracted personnel who take heroic part in operations,” said Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense.

“Everyone needs to know now, the state of the Republic of Turkey has really become a subject in the international environment,” Akar said.

Speaking about the paw operations, he said: “Mehmetçik entered the so-called ‘impenetrable’ places, demolished all the caves of the terrorists on their heads, they had no place to escape.”

Akar’s statements are as follows:

“As the state of the Republic of Turkey, the TAF, all our activities are based on principles and are committed.”

“The recently published Navtex is a Navtex published in Iskenderun region in terms of security related to the firing training of our Navy.”