Yerevan, Armenia – “We were defeated in Karabakh because of the narrow-mindedness of Armenia, its leaders and the ineffectiveness of its military, diplomatic and information intelligence,” said Arthur Bagdasaryan, former Security Council secretary of Armenia.

Artur Bagdasaryan, the former secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, spoke to Sputnik Armenia about the Karabakh war. Bagdasaryan said that the defeat was inevitable as a result of the Armenia’s administrators’ certain eye on victory and bad analysis.

Stating that military disorder was also among the reasons for the defeat, Bagdasaryan said, “There was no clear control system in the military field. Therefore, the Armenian Security Council lost its functions”.

Turkish-Azerbaijani exercises triggered the war

Stating that the large-scale Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises on the Nakhchivan border triggered the war, Bagdasaryan said, “A proper analysis has not been done. In order to reduce the reactions of the people and prevent the increase of instability, early elections must be held in Armenia. After this failure, it is not possible to trust the government.”

Betrayal of national interests

On the other hand, other security experts in the country stated that the political crisis in Armenia started after the peace agreement signed on the night of 10 November 2020, and that this agreement was a betrayal of national interests.