Athens, Greece – The US can back down on F-35s! After the Turkish move, Greece was shaken. Turkey is considering buying a new generation of stealth fighter jets, Su-57, from Russia to maintain its air superiority in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

The possible Su-57 move spooked the United States after Turkey took over the S-400 air defense systems. The possibility arose that the White House would not give Greece F-35 fighter jets.

US analysts said the United States would not supply F-35 fighter jets to Greece, fearing that Turkey would buy Russian-made Su-57 fighter jets. The article in question created an earthquake effect in Greece.

According to the star, US analysts published a remarkable analysis of tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and the arms race in the region.

“The possibility of Turkey buying Su-57 scared the United States”

In an article evaluating Turkey and Greece, US analysts said that the United States, which fears that Turkey will buy Russian-made Su-57 fighter jets, will therefore not supply F-35 fighter jets to Greece. The article in question created an earthquake effect in Greece.

“Turkey can complement the S-400 air defense system with a new generation of Su- 57 fighter jets”

Evaluating the article, Russian analysts in Moscow said: “Turkey needs a modern fighter jet to complete the S-400 air defense system. Therefore, the Americans believe that if Greece gets the F-35, Turkey will rush to buy a new generation of Su- 57 fighters from Russia and quickly incorporate them into defense planning,” he said.

“Full support for Greece is not in the US interest”

“Full and unconditional support for Greece in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean regions is not in the American interest,” Russian analysts said, noting that Turkey has studied Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighter jets in the past and has so far not had any purchase agreements.

Russia is trying to sell Turkey its own stealthy new fighter Su-57 after US revoked access to F-35.

Russia showed off Russia’s latest stealth warplane Su-57 to Turkish, who’s been barred from buying a new US fighter jet F-35 in a dispute over the purchase of a Russian missile system.

Turkey already inspected the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter at opening of the MAKS-2019 international air show outside Moscow. Turkey also toured the Su-35 fighter, helicopter displays and an amphibious aircraft.

The US banned Turkey’s ability to buy and help build the advanced F-35 stealth warplane in retaliation for defying US and taking delivery of a Russian S-400 air-defense system.

The US says the S-400 purchase is incompatible with Turkey’s role in NATO and the F-35 program because it may allow Russia to glean information about the fighter’s advanced technology.

Turkey had planned to buy about 100 F-35s and will have to seek alternatives if the US maintains the ban. After a crisis in relations when Turkish jets shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border in 2015, Russia and Turkey have strengthened economic and military ties in recent years as relations between Turkey and its NATO ally have strained.

Turkey insists it was forced to buy the Russian air-defense system because NATO allies, including the US, wouldn’t meet its defensive needs on Turkish terms. The US has repeatedly offered to sell Patriot air-defense missiles to Turkey, but without the technology sharing that the Turkish government says it needs to develop its domestic production capabilities.