Ankara, Turkey – In the Mediterranean, where tensions have escalated with Greece’s provocations, Turkey has announced a new Navtex.

The statement was made by the Department of Hydrography and Oceanography of the Turkish Navy.

It was said in the description:

  1. The drilling operations mentioned below with ships named Yavuz, Ertugrul Bey, Osman Bey and Orhan Bey have been extended to 12 October 20 hours 2059z.
  2. Open Passage Of Working Ships. 2. It Is Strongly Recommended Not To Enter The Working Area.
  3. This declaration will be repealed on October 12, 20 at 2059z.

Turkish, Greek military delegation meets in NATO
According to the Ministry of National Defense (MSB), the Turkish and Greek military delegations met from NATO headquarters in Belgium.

A post-critical meeting of the” separation procedures ” was announced as September 17.

The statement of the Ministry of National Defense is as follows::

“The next meeting is scheduled to be held on September 17, 2020”