Ankara, Turkey – Turkey continues its fight against terrorism through cross-border and cross-border operations.

Turkey, which is also fighting against terrorist organizations in Syria, does not open its eyes to members of terrorist organizations at the border.

An information meeting was organized by Colonel Olcay Denizer, director of the planning, coordination and Analysis Branch of the MSB Press and Public Relations Consultancy.

A statement from the MSB, which announced operations in Rasulayn and Tel Abyad, said that 26 terrorists who were preparing to attack had been neutralized.

MSB’s full statement included the following statements:

“In the areas of Rasulayn and Tel Abyad, 26 members of the terrorist organization who were found to be preparing for an attack yesterday were neutralized.”

Denizer said, ” the leader of our national struggle and the founder of our republic, the great commander and statesman, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, we commemorate with respect and gratitude on the 82nd anniversary of the passage of eternity. Ministry of National Defense; Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, inspired by his life and ideas full of struggles, continues his struggle with great heroism and sacrifice on land, sea and air against all threats and dangers that will lead to the rights, interests and interests of our country and noble nation. This struggle will continue forever.” said.

“We celebrate the victory of our Azerbaijani folk song brothers, who ended this struggle with the flow of their forehead,” Colonel Denizer said, noting that Azerbaijan is fighting a righteous struggle to reclaim its territory and end the barbaric attacks of Armenia. In the process of fulfilling the conditions of the signed ceasefire agreement, returning all occupied territories to Azerbaijan, and restoring peace and tranquility in the region, we will continue to be the only heart with our Azerbaijani brothers, who are ‘Two States One Nation’.” said.

Colonel Olcay Denizer recalled that the operations of the Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch, peace spring and Spring Shield were successfully carried out in order to prevent the creation of a terrorist corridor and to ensure the peace and security of the borders and the people by ending the presence of the PKK/PYD/YPG and Daesh, which are nesting in the north of Syria, said:

“Efforts to normalize life in these regions are continuing in coordination with other public institutions and organizations. On October October 17, 2019, the United States stopped operations in the spring of Peace region with the agreements made with the Russian Federation on October 22, 2019. Our work, cooperation and coordination activities with other countries are continuing to achieve lasting peace in the region and normalize life.

In the Spring of Peace region, where peace and stability are established, hostile attitudes, harassment and attacks are responded to in self-defense. In this context, 26 members of terrorist organizations were neutralized yesterday in Rasulayn and Telabyad regions. Maintaining the peace and stability environment established in the north of Syria will continue with determination.”