London, UK – London Mayor Sadiq Khan said US President Donald Trump, who lost the election, had targeted him because he was a Muslim.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, told LBC radio: “it is not easy to be a Muslim.” said. Referring to Trump, Khan said that “a mainstream politician who holds the view that Islam and the West are incompatible is the leader of the free world for the first time.”

“Frankly, the reason I was chosen (as a target) was nothing more than my faith,” Khan said, referring to Trump’s view that all Muslims are terrorists and evil because of the actions of a very small minority.” said.

“Islamophobia permeates all areas of public life”

Noting that Trump’s actions and words have “placed an additional burden” on Muslims around the world, Khan stressed that many around the world are dissatisfied with the way the US President treats minorities and people who are different from him.

“It is unacceptable for a Muslim politician to be discriminated against because of his faith,” the Muslim Council of Britain said in a written statement after Khan’s remarks. Unfortunately, Islamophobia permeates every aspect of public life.”the statement said.

Trump’s insults

Trump had repeatedly insulted Sadiq Khan, who was elected mayor of London, on his Twitter account in 2016.

In the wake of a terror attack in 2017, he said: “there is no reason to worry. Trump used the phrase “pathetic excuse” for Khan’s remark.

Trump had argued in 2018 that Khan, the mayor of London, was “doing a bad job.” For Khan, “he is a national disgrace that has destroyed London. Mr Trump again took aim at the London mayor during his visit to the UK in June 2019, saying: “he’s a complete loser who should be focused on crime in London, not me.” he used the phrase.