Moscow, Russia – A statement on Libya meeting with Turkish delegation from Russia was issued on Tuesday. It was decided to continue the Libyan talks between Russia and Turkey. On August 31 September 1 between the Turkish delegation and the Russian delegation after the civil war in Libya was held between the meeting on Libya was announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry. During the meeting in Moscow, it was emphasized that important decisions had been taken, while the Russian and Turkish delegation decided to continue their meetings in the direction of solving the problem.

Russia’s satisfaction was expressed due to the decision of the conflicting parties in Libya to stop their mutual military actions, while Russia and Turkey will continue their work for a dialogue and political solution planned with the participation of all political parties in Libya.
The Russian delegation was headed by the Kremlin’s Special Representative for the Middle East, Mikhail Bogdanov, and the Turkish delegation was headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, and the United Nations (UN) should appoint a special representative for Libya.