Istanbul, Turkey – A very important invention from a Turkish scientist: It extended the life of vaccines. A very important invention came from a Turkish scientist and her team.

Prof. Dr. Nesrin Özören, who is with Bogazici University, has made a very important breakthrough in the field of Biotechnology. Her invention for vaccines that normally have a low life span extended the life of vaccines and allowed them to remain intact for 30 days at room temperature. It has been registered (patented) in 3 continents including Europe, America and Japan.

In the new generation vaccines applied today, only the parts of the microorganisms that give the most immune response are put. Vaccines need to be stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, vaccines break down and do not develop immunity.

In the new invention, it was discovered for the first time in the world that other antigens can be carried on their particles. Determining that these can also be digested by macrophage cells, scientists developed a new vaccine technology. ASC particles also ensure that the vaccines remain fresh for at least 30 days, even at room temperature.

Prof. Özören said, “Our invention, the ASC particle carrier, preserves the stimuli loaded on it for 30 days at room temperature or resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. “All vaccines to be developed with this technology can be sent anywhere in the world under normal temperature conditions instead of the constant conditions needed today.”