Yerevan, Armenia – On the 6th day of the operation launched to liberate the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh, the strategic hills were cleared from the Armenian Army. When it got stuck, Armenia, which wanted a ceasefire, was rejected. Azeri Turk commander: Our determination will bring victory.

The glorious flag of the Turk has been planted! They leave their positions and run away.

The Azerbaijani Army continues to write epics to save their occupied lands. What happened on the front on the 6th day of the operation launched to save Nagorno-Karabakh from the persecution of Armenia is as follows:

The Azerbaijani army gained control of some strategic hills in the Magadiz region of Aghdere province. The Armenian Army, whose resistance was broken in the direction of Jabrail-Fuzuli during the night, had to withdraw.

Azerbaijan announced that it had seized the headquarters of the 193 Special Forces Unit belonging to Armenia in the Madagiz region of the province of Aghdere.

In the clashes that continued during the previous night, 5 armored vehicles and many soldiers were neutralized.

Armenia continues to commit war crimes by shooting civilians in the villages of Hındıristan, Alibeyli, Ahmedağalı and Seferli in the province of Agdam in Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan immediately responded to the missile firing from Gorus province of Armenia to Azerbaijani territory. Armenia has killed 19 civilians and injured 55 civilians so far. During the 6-day attacks of Armenia, 169 residences and 40 public buildings became unusable.

Consultant to the Azerbaijani President Hikmet Hacıyev stated that they received information that Greek citizens of Armenian origin will come to the occupied regions of Azerbaijan and fight. “Citizens of these countries will become targets if they participate in military operations,” Hajiyev said.

“We support a fair solution, a ceasefire, an end to the conflict and the end of this tension,” said Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN.

The Yerevan administration, which raised the flag of surrender, made a show call for a ceasefire. However, Azerbaijan emphasized that negotiations will not start until the occupation is over, as it is not sincere.

Before a period of Azerbaijan by providing from Turkey that included the armed forces within Bayraktar TB2 sihai using Karabakh as a countermove after the Armenian attacks, the Russian production of air defense systems of Armenia, heavy weapons and military centers of an extermination does. Stuck in the corner, Armenian soldiers evacuate the positions in Karabakh one by one.

Azerbaijani military sources said that Armenia had been making fortifications in Karabakh for 30 years, and that it established reinforced concrete tunnels, trenches and fire positions in many points of the region. It is expected that the Azerbaijani army will reach the center of Karabakh with a rapid advance after the Armenian positions, which have been hit continuously by air and ground fire support elements, are softened.

The Commander of the 1st Corps of Azerbaijan Major General Hikmet Hasanov said, “The determination of our soldiers will bring victory”.

Unable to resist the advance of the Azerbaijani Army, Armenian soldiers fled, leaving their weapons and vehicles in some positions.
Unable to resist the advance of the Azerbaijani army, Armenian soldiers fled, leaving their weapons and vehicles in some positions. The AA team, working in the region, viewed some of the seized vehicles, ammunition and weapons. Among the seized vehicles are the Russian-made “Ural” brand trucks for 2019. Most of the other weapons and ammunition, such as machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers and shells of different calibers, are also Russian made. Most of the Ural branded trucks are in operation, but there are traces of conflicts in the vehicles. Among those displayed are some documents belonging to the Armenian army.