Baku, Azerbaijan – For the first time, Turkey is looking at extorted places outside the borders of the Lausanne Treaty. Occupying Armenia is the ally of Russia and Iran in Caucuses region. A strong Azerbaijan prevents Russia and Iran from dominating the Caucuses. Azerbaijan is a bastion of diversity and tolerance. These are facts, the US and EU should support Azerbaijan.

The advance of the Azerbaijani army towards victory in Nagorno – Karabakh is a historical military success; the Azerbaijani Turks have not achieved such a military success since the era of Nadir Shah, which resulted in victory. Nadir Shah was a conqueror. Each achievement was based on his personal skill, intelligence and sharp sword. Events these days are completely different. What is happening today is a new phase in the life of the Turkish peoples.

It is impossible to imagine military victories in Nagorno – Karabakh without the state of the Great Republic of Turkey. 21st century is the Turkish-Turanian century. Achievements in all areas are just the beginning of great work to be done. The state of the Republic of Turkey is on the side of Azerbaijan with all its existence, and all Azerbaijani Turks are aware of this.

Turkey is no longer a regional powerhouse, but a global powerhouse.

In these days, when we write an epic in Nagorno – Karabakh, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s bold and sincere statements, his direct declaration of goals and his faith in this cause are followed with curiosity all over the world. The integrity of morality, words and deeds is the heaviest blow to classical world politics we have ever seen.