Ankara, Turkey – TEI-PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine, which is the output of the project that was initiated under the support of Presidency of Defense Industries in order to develop the first indigenous and national aviation engine of Turkey with the aim of meeting the power need of MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) class unmanned aerial vehicles, especially ANKA, has a capacity to generate 172 HP (± 2).

Outdoing all of its competitors with the higher altitude capabilities and low fuel consumption, TEI-PD170 has a two-stage serial turbocharging system. The TEI-PD170 engine, which can run on JP-8 or Jet-A1 fuel, is well ahead of its competitors with a dry weight of 162 kg. With the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) and the software thereof, that are manufactured and developed within the bounds of TEI’s possibilities, the TEI-PD170 engine, which has been developed in accordance with the civil aviation standards and has 45.000 ft. service ceiling.

Proceeded to the mass production stage at the end of 8000 hours of calibration and testing activities, the TEI-PD170 engine performed the first flight with ANKA platform on December 27, 2018, and continues its flights.

TEI delivered one of these engines to TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc.) in order to be integrated into the ANKA platform in November 2017.

4 consecutive flight tests including 25.000 ft. altitude was performed after first flight test of the engine on December 27, 2018. Qualification test of the TEI-PD170 is planned to be completed in 2019 and serial production has already been initiated.

TEI-PD170 Technical Specifications

Engine Configuration: Straight 4 Cylinder
Displacement: 2,1 Liters
Air Supply: Two Stage Serial Turbocharger
Fuel Supply: Common Rail
Take-off Power: 172 HP (±2)
Continuous Power: 172 HP (±2)
High-Altitude Power (@20.000 ft.): 170 HP
High-Altitude Power (@30.000 ft.): 130 HP

BSFC (@ MSL): 207 g/kWh (±3)
Fuel: JP-8 or Jet-A1
Dry Weight: 162 kg
Engine Control: Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
Aircraft Configuration: Pusher and puller
Propeller Control: FADEC Controlled Hydro-Mechanical Governor
Electrical Power Generation: 2 x 4,5 kW
FADEC Software and Alternator Control: DO-178C DAL-C certifable