Ankara, Turkey – The foreign ministry announced the formation of a transitional government in Mali. In a statement, the ministry said that while it supported the established government, developments in Mali were being closely monitored.

The foreign ministry said in a statement that Turkey supported the transitional government established in the West African country of Mali.

The ministry said that a transitional government has been established in Mali and that Turkey is closely following developments in Mali.

“Friendly and fraternal country Mali”
“Turkey is closely following the developments in friendly and fraternal Mali, as confirmed by the recent visit of Minister Çavuşoğlu to this country, ” the ministry said in a statement.

A transitional government was established by a decree signed by President Bah N’daw on October 5.

“Turkey will continue to stand by Mali”
We hope that with the appointment of a civilian head of state and Prime Minister to manage the transition process, the necessary steps will be taken quickly to restore constitutional order and overcome the extremely difficult challenges facing the country. In this regard, the efforts of the UN, ECOWAS and the African Union to advance the process in Mali in a positive environment are also welcome. Turkey will continue to be on the side of friendly and fraternal Mali in this process,” he said.